Want to Slow Down?

Maybe you’re not ready to sell your distributorship right now. Perhaps in a few years down the road. However, maybe you want to slow down now, take it easy and not work quite so hard. How can you do this while still maintaining the overall value of your business for when you do decide to sell?

The Distributor Exchange has an ideal solution that has worked well for so many distributors. Most distributors who want to “slow down” still enjoy the selling process and their interactions with customers. The tedious, time consuming, non-revenue generating tasks are what they want to eliminate.

Through The Distributor Exchange’s relationship with iPROMOTEu and other industry organizations, a distributor can start slowing down right away. You can devote your time to selling, to creative thinking, and to helping your customers. iPROMOTEu and these other industry organizations will handle the financing, the order processing, supplier issues, invoicing and AR/AP. You will effectively eliminate 40%, 50%, 60% or more of the time you spend working – and you will be eliminating the least desirable aspect of what you do. Personnel will also be available to assist and support you if you are traveling or are away on vacation.

Down the road, when the time comes for you to sell your distributorship, The Distributor Exchange can help you with the sale of your business.

To get started, contact us today. Call us at (844) 251-8544 or email us at info@thedistributorexchange.com.

Confidentiality Assured

All inquiries and information disclosed will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be disclosed to any third party without your prior authorization.


"The Distributor Exchange was a great partner in this deal. They worked with us to resolve any issues on either side and I'm grateful for this wonderful opportunity. We look forward to working with The Distributor Exchange on other deals in the future."
– Trish Barone
   Souders Brand Marketing (New York)

"The Distributor Exchange made what can normally be a difficult process simple… I look forward to working with The Distributor Exchange on other acquisitions!"
– Barry Jacobson
   KMK Promotional Sales (Ohio)

"Our experience with The Distributor Exchange was outstanding. Their ability to align us with a like-minded buyer… made this transition a pleasure. Everyone in the process won!"
– Chuck & Molly Fertick
   Prostar Specialties (Ohio)

"The Distributor Exchange did a perfect job. They expertly facilitated the process from beginning to end. We are so happy."
– Ellen Orne & Max Cohen
   Ellco Promotions (Massachusetts)

"Thank you for all your help in making this such an easy process! You found the perfect buyer with similar values and business objectives!"
– Craig Pierce
   BossMark (Massachusetts)

"You have exceeded my expectations regarding this process. Thanks for being so efficient, attentive and supportive. What else can I say . . . a dream come true!"
– Barb Feyka
   Capstone Promotions (Colorado)

"This type of business transaction was completely foreign to me so it was invaluable to have The Distributor Exchange take us through the process step by step. They went above and beyond in all regards. I couldn't be happier with their efforts. . ."
– Cindy Gibbs
   Big Fish Branding (Colorado)

"The Distributor Exchange is a great new resource for industry distributors interested in selling their business."
– Paul Zafarana
   Pica Marketing Group (Michigan)

"After having struggled through a lengthy acquisition process without any professional guidance, I’m happy to know that when the time comes for me to sell, I will be able to utilize the services of The Distributor Exchange . . ."
– Barb Feyka
   Capstone Promotions (Colorado)

"The Distributor Exchange helped structure an exit strategy that worked for me given where I am in my life. I will be continuing my business for a few more years but, without a doubt, I will be using The Distributor Exchange when I am ready to sell."
– Mark Goldberg
   MAG Promotional Products (Massachusetts)

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